SINNER’s BONES is a registered Russian brand which was found by a designer and a biker Dmitriy Kasatkin in 2009.

This is a fashion line created specially for bikers and hard rock fans. This brand has become famous and popular not only due to its brutal design, but also due to a very high quality of clothes. Every SINNER’s item is to be designed by D. Kasatkin down to the last detail: from sketch drawing up to fabrication details. One of the brand`s strong points is a wide size run (American standard): for men's clothing - from S through to 5XL, for women's clothing - from XS through to XL. And, of course, there is some children`s clothing – T-shirts and hoodies sized from 92 through to 174.

Today SINNER’s BONES is an online store providing qualitative service, working competently and including three brand retail shops located in Moscow, the Russian Federation. We have well developed our dealership network all over the Russia for many years of efficient work. This present time we rapidly develop the dealership network in Europe and in the USA. Also we have our dealers in Switzerland and Finland.

Our company is a permanent participant and a sponsor of exhibitions taking place in Moscow and other moto and rock festivals!


A full production cycle - from materials and making-up through to finishing and boiling-out – allows to control quality to the greatest possible extent.

·      Every year we can observe growth of demand for our products and simultaneously we increase the quantity of the clothes to be produced.

·      Each and every SINNER’s BONES`s product is to be sold.

·      Support provided to the dealers:

-       There is a website designed specially for wholesale orders.

-       We provide all the dealers with our brand products: brand packets, packings and visiting cards.

-       Downloading of photos with our clothes and posting them on your website or placing in printed catalogues are available.

-       We provide any advertisement layouts in electronic form.

-       We post information about your shop on our website in the section “SHOPS”.

-       We advertize your shop in the social networks Facebook and VKontakte (Russian social network).


Every item designed is to be produced in a definite commercial lot just one time!

Every item has been being produced in a lot equal to 500-1000 pieces since 2017 and a collection consisting of 8-12 items is to be produced once a month.

The design sold can be repeated in 1-2 years, but on some other item.

If you would like to buy a T-shirt, don`t put that off for the next season: most probably it is to be sold this season and won`t be sold the next one!



We send you products marked with our label including information about our website with RS-code, scanning of which opens our product catalogue.

All the SINNER's BONES` products are to be packed in branded transparent packets. Inside every packet you will find a little present – a sticker for car or motocycle and also a visiting card containing information about our brand shops.

If there is a dealer shop in your city, you will get your purchase in a branded packet!



Tel.: 8 926 553 00 66 (WhatsApp)


Please contact us, we will be glad to receive your order and answer your questions.