Children's Hoody "Good Vibrations" with the biggin
Children's Hoody "Good Vibrations" with the biggin
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Артикул: SB-CH2001
Цвет: Черный
The sweatshirt is warm with a fleece: with a hood, on a high collar and on an iron lightning. Combined sweatshirt: Black with orange sleeves. A sweatshirt featuring the iconic Harley-Davidson Evolution engine and Pinstriping pattern with the slogan “Good Vibrations”. "Good Vibrations" is very characteristic of this engine. Orange outer seams and the original design of this unique biker style sweatshirt. Beautiful, bright sweatshirt for little Biker!
Material: 100% cotton. Application is very high quality and does not feel to the touch. It is recommended to wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, you can iron.
This famous motor appeared on Harley-Davidson motorcycles in 1984. Engine names were usually born depending on the shape of the cylinder heads and the Evo was no exception, it was called BlockHead.

Evolution - the evolution of the previous Shovelhead motor, without changing the basic engine architecture. It became lighter by 20lbs (9 kg), giving out 10% more horsepower and 15% more torque.

Pinstriping is a drawing technique that allows you to create various geometric patterns using thin straight and curled lines. Drawings, consisting of combinations of thin continuous lines, were used at the dawn of mankind. Then, instead of paints, beeswax and various pigments were used to apply plain drawings. With the advent of oil paints, it was necessary to come up with a more technological tool for performing work. In the XVI century, drawings consisting of stripes were popular in the design of carts, carriages, as well as ships. With the process of colonization, this drawing technique reached America. At the beginning of the 20th century, the United States drew attention to this technique in connection with the increased interest in cars, where it was used most often. However, the increase in sales and the popularization of this type of transport forced for a while to abandon Pinstriping (Eng. Pinstriping), as this technique is labor-intensive and accordingly affects the cost of the final product.
During World War II, pinstriping (English Pinstriping) manifested itself in the drawings applied to the bombers. There, drawings of thin lines were combined with pin-up pictures. This was a kind of motivation for the pilots, often showing how many opponents were shot down by them, what regalia were received during the battles.