Bandana Sandana "BURN on the ROAD"
Bandana Sandana "BURN on the ROAD"
Available quantity: 980 pcs
Артикул: SB-BS1901
Цвет: Черный
Branded sandana released to the 10th anniversary of the company SINNER's BONES. Sandana with a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Engine, SINNER's BONES logo and the slogan "BURN on the ROAD". Sandana is made of cotton fabric. Paints in the sun do not fade. Popular thing in hot weather regardless of age. Very convenient accessory can be used as a cap comforter or a separate headdress. The size is governed by ties at the back of the head. Inside the lining in the form of a grid, creating ventilation.
The application is very high quality and is not felt to the touch. It is recommended to wash at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees, you can iron
Bandana has long become a favorite headdress for all those who work outdoors in the hot sun. She is highly respected not only by bikers, but also by fans of tactical games, tourists, hunters and fishermen. For some time, a variety of bandanas has appeared - a no less practical sandana. If a rectangular piece of fabric, a bandana, can be tied in dozens of different ways, then the sandana is a development of the idea of ​​a scarf, worn on the head, but closer to the finished headdress.

  3 pieces of fabric, 2 side and central, sewn in the shape of a dome, which is worn on the head. A shank is sewn to the central part, covering the back of the head, and on top of it are fastened ribbons fixing a sandana on the head. The tail part does not allow the knot to contact with the nape and rub it.