Ceramic Mug "IRON ASS"
Ceramic Mug "IRON ASS"
Available quantity: 487 pcs
Артикул: SB-CM1902
Цвет: Оранжевый
Mug with the image of a biker riding a motorcycle and the road going into the distance and the inscription "IRON ASS - 1000 miles in 24 hours". (Iron Ass - 1000 miles in 24 hours). 1000 miles per 24 hours is a standard known to all bikers around the world. Mug for the real biker - trucker and traveler. A mug in gift branded packaging will look beautiful on the table or will be a nice gift to a friend.
Ceramic mug premium class of 360 milliliters. The application is very durable and of high quality - dishwasher safe.

Now it is a standard, known to all bikers in the world. But the title of Iron Butt, in our version IRON ASS, came into being not as a given for a result, but for another reason completely.

Around in the mid-60s, when long-distance travels and travels by motorcycles were not as popular as in our days, a strange thing happened.

One of the bikers, nicknamed "Nail" decided to run a few errands. Whether he had to deposit a few thousand dollars as surety for a troubled member of the club, or to buy a batch of grass or some other so popular in those days drugs for a planned weekend party, now this history is silent. He had to just be in and out in a few days, covering 1000 miles.

The usual thing for that time. He got on his bike and drove off. The weather was very pleasant and everything was fine. Whether for this reason, or for some other, but the Nail came back after 24 hours. It made an impression on all his buddies, and he got an additional title to his nickname, "Iron Ass".

It would seem that it is just small thing, because the roads in America were always good for travel.

But he traveled on a motorcycle with a "dry" frame (for those who don't know, dry frame is devoid of the shock absorber, and the rear wheel axis is attached directly to the frame.) You can guess that although the roads were very good, but such a long journey was appreciated by his friends. They appreciated it, giving him the title of Iron Butt, which was added to his nickname.

And it went on from there. This case became known to many, and many tried to repeat such trips. 1000 miles in 24 hours on a motorcycle with a dry frame is a serious test.

Later, with the appearance of motorcycles with a rear shock absorber, everything became a lot easier. It was gradually becoming a fascinating journey, though hard, but comfortable, on big travel bikes equipped with a large number of additional devices, satellite navigation and all that is needed.

Participants began to prepare for this competition, and the organizers to develop special routes. Special points and bonuses, gave these rides a form of the sport. The spontaneity of ride and the unpredictability of the obstacles were forgotten.

The conditions for a motor many kilometers long extreme had prevailed only in Russia. The virtual absence of proper roads in the whole territory of Russia, unpredictable weather, lack of motorcycle services and of the opportunity to purchase spare parts, make these trips not just difficult, but super extreme.