Available quantity: 499 pcs
Цвет: Черный
Corrugated cardboard gift wrapping. A great solution for a presentable Brutal gift with a product from SINNER's BONES brand!

When going for a holiday or visiting and carefully considering a gift, you should not forget about its packaging. Even the most expensive and sophisticated T-shirt presented in a plastic bag (albeit in the company bag) will not produce the desired effect. Our exclusive holiday packaging will certainly add charm and solemnity to your gift. Such packaging will emphasize the attitude towards the person to whom the gift is intended, and will show that you did not buy it in a hurry, but carefully thinking it through and preparing for the celebration!

Box dimensions: 20 x 37 x 9 cm.
Capacity: one sweatshirt or 5-6 medium-sized T-shirts.
When ordering from 5000 rubles, we give a box as a gift.

How can we choose the packaging for you: you leave an order for the product, the manager calls you back, determines the size of the product, the manager packs and says how much space is left.
For example: they ordered a men's T-shirt with a long sleeve of size 2XL, the manager packs and sends you a photo - how it happened, if you want the gift to be packed denser, the manager advises you that it can still fit in volume - it can be a hat or a T-shirt and etc. .. We will help you arrange your gift beautifully!