Iron Nameplate "Bikes Don't Leak Oil"
Iron Nameplate "Bikes Don't Leak Oil"
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Артикул: SB-IN2017
Цвет: Серый
A gray iron nameplate depicting the Skull and the Harley-Davidson "Shovelhead" engine with the phrase "Bikes Don't Leak Oil They Mark Their Territory". An original gift not only for bikers, but also for car mechanics and ordinary office workers and motorsport enthusiasts - our metal sign for the garage, auto/moto service and home, with the effect of rust on the edges.
The size of the plate: 30x40 cm. The plate is made of coated metal, the corners are rounded and have convenient holes for fastening, and the bent edges give a volume effect. The plate can be used both indoors and outdoors.
The sign can be easily and firmly fixed on the wall, door, entrance to the house or apartment using screws or nails. If surface damage is not desired, the plate may be fixed to any smooth surface by means of double-sided foam tape. Also, with the help of magnets, the plate can be hung on a refrigerator or other metal surface.
In the 70s, Harley-Davidson was in crisis, like many companies in the USA... And if it weren't for the general situation, maybe the history of the Shovelhead motors would be more fun. But what it was. The main thing is Harley survived!
By 1966, due to the heaviness of motorcycles equipped with an electric starter and rear suspension, the need for a more powerful engine was ripe. This was the Shovelhead 74 - V-twin with a 45-degree cylinder collapse of 1208 cc, produced until 1983. It was 10% more powerful than Panhead, which was replaced. The advent of Shovelhead in the first years increased sales of H-D motorcycles by 26% to 36,310 units per year.
The name Shovelhead - "spade-headed" - traditionally came from the shape of the valve cover, which at this motor resembled an inverted shovel, which at that time was loaded with coal.