Iron Nameplate "IRON ASS"
Iron Nameplate "IRON ASS"
Available quantity: 296 pcs
Артикул: SB-IN2021
Цвет: Черный
Black tin plate with a picture of a biker riding a motorcycle and a road stretching into the distance and the inscription "IRON ASS - 1000 miles in 24 hours". 1000 miles in 24 hours is a standard known to all bikers around the world. An original gift not only for bikers, but also for auto mechanics and ordinary office workers and motor sports enthusiasts - our metal plaque for garage, auto / motorcycle service and home, with a rust effect on the edges.
The size of the plate: 30x40 cm. The plate is made of coated metal, the corners are rounded and have convenient holes for fastening, and the folded edges give the effect of volume. The sign can be used both indoors and outdoors.
The plate can be easily and firmly fixed on the wall, door, entrance to the house or apartment using screws or nails. If surface damage is undesirable, the plate can be secured to any smooth surface using double-sided foam tape. Also with the help of magnets, the plate can be hung on a refrigerator or other metal surface.
An excellent solution for a presentable Brutal gift for your loved ones from the SINNER's BONES brand!
Now this is a standard known to all bikers around the world. But the title Iron Butt (iron ass), and in our version IRON ASS appeared not as awarded for a sports result, but for a completely different reason.
Somewhere in the mid-60s, when long trips and motorcycle trips were not as popular as they are today. A strange event happened.
One of the bikers, nicknamed "Nail," decided to go on the case. Either he had to pay several thousand dollars as a collateral for a member of the club who was in trouble, or buy a batch of grass or some other foolishness so popular in those days for the party planned for the weekend, now the story is silent about this. I just had to turn around in a couple of days, covering 1,000 miles.
A familiar thing for that time. He sat down on his bike and drove. The weather was the most pleasant and everything worked out perfectly. Either for this reason or for some other reason, but Nail returned after 24 hours. This impressed all his friends, and he received an increase to his nickname "Iron Ass."
It would seem that such, because the roads in America have always been good for travel.
But since he rode a motorcycle with a "dry" frame (for those who do not know, the dry frame is devoid of a shock absorber and the axle of the rear wheel is attached directly to the frame.) You can guess that although the roads were very good, such a long journey was appreciated by friends. And they appreciated this, giving the title Iron Butt - Iron Ass, which added to his nickname.
Since then, it has gone. This case became known to many and many tried to repeat such trips. 1000 miles in 24 hours on a dry frame motorcycle - a serious test.
Later, with the advent of motorcycles with a rear shock absorber, everything became much easier and lighter. Gradually, this began to turn into an exciting journey, albeit difficult, but comfortable, on large tourist motorcycles equipped with a large number of additional devices, satellite navigation and everything that is necessary.
Participants began to prepare for such competitions, and organizers to develop special routes. Special points and additional bonuses gave these trips a real sport. The spontaneity of the trip and the unforeseen obstacles were forgotten.
Only in Russia did the conditions for motorcycle multi-kilometer extreme survive. The practical absence of normal roads throughout Russia, the unpredictability of the weather, the lack of motorcycle services and the ability to purchase spare parts, makes such trips not just complex, but super extreme.
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