Multifunctional Tube Bandana "Shit Happens"
Multifunctional Tube Bandana "Shit Happens"
Available quantity: 976 pcs
Артикул: SB-BF1735
Цвет: Черный
Gentle, pleasant material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Multifunctional Tube Bandana with a picture of Clown, called "Shit Happens".
Tube Bandana is made in the original blood-brutal style in the original packaging.
A very functional attribute for a biker
There are about seven ways of usage: on the head like a bandana, around your neck as a scarf, on the face during the drive to avoid dust and flies, etc.
The printing is of a very high quality and intangible. The Tube Bandana is boiled at 90 degrees - it does not shrink after washing. Wash at the temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, can be ironed