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Артикул: SB-MS2101
Цвет: Черный
CUSTOM & CHROME socks with a recognizable brand image featuring the Skull and Wrenches. This design was presented for the first time in 2012 and since then we periodically repeat it in different products. The garage design gives these socks a memorable biker style.
Biker socks made of premium quality mercerized cotton. Socks with a wide elastic band, comfortable flat seams and a reinforced heel and toe for a durable product. The model sits perfectly on the leg, tightly fitting it and not slipping, while not overtightening. Mercerization gives the socks softness, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenicity, which is very important for sensitive skin of the feet, and also perfectly breathes. Reinforced heel and toe for added comfort. The socks are very high quality and stretch well. Unisex model - suitable for both men and girls. Socks in beautiful branded packaging!
Material: 100% mercerized cotton.
What is Mercerized Cotton?
For the first time, mercerized cotton was obtained by the English industrialist John Mercer in the second half of the 18th century. Since then, the special treatment of natural cotton thread using caustic soda solutions has come to be called mercerization.
Strong and silky, soft and resilient, mercerized cotton looks like a silk thread. Products made from this material do not fade or fade in the sun, are pleasant to wear, and are difficult to tear or deform.
Garments made from processed fibers are comfortable and environmentally friendly, with a long-lasting color and a slightly noticeable shine, giving the fabrics nobility and charm. In the process of processing, numerous small fibers are removed from the surface of the cotton thread, so the fiber becomes smooth and smooth like silk.

Advantages of mercerized cotton over regular cotton:
- The strength of the treated yarn is much higher than that of standard cotton fibers.
- Products made from mercerized yarn almost do not wrinkle and do not shrink at all during washing.
- Mercerized yarns can be dyed well in a variety of colors. The paint lasts longer than on ordinary threads, does not fade in the sun and does not fade. This allows the products to retain their original appearance for several years.
- After processing, cotton fibers become silky and pleasant to the touch, acquire a noble shine.
- The material absorbs moisture well. This is a very important property of threads, since cotton is often used to make clothes that directly interact with the body, for example, shirts, T-shirts, and underwear.
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