Set of 2 Pants Boxers "HELLSPISTONS"
Set of 2 Pants Boxers "HELLSPISTONS"
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Артикул: SB-MP2118
Цвет: Черный
Set of two pieces of boxer pants in gift packaging. Beautiful and profitable gift solution! The cost of such boxers alone is 1,500 rubles. Black men's pants boxers depicting two pistons V-twin engine and wings called "HELLSPISTONS" (Hell pistons). Panties boxers on a wide rubber with the logo "SINNER's BONES." The trapezoidal shape of the front sutures emphasizes the courageous silhouette of the figure. The rubber, tightly and low on the hips, guarantees complete comfort, due to its exceptional elasticity and softness. Cotton, welded in a special chemical composition, gains strength and softness, retains color and shape for a long time. The natural organic material supports the optimal microclimate for the genitals. Men's briefs boxers of all kinds declare a desire for comfort and self-expression. Pants boxers in beautiful branded packaging! Great solution for a presentable Brutal gift for your loved ones from the SINNER's BONES brand!
Material: 95% cotton 5% lycra. Boxers boiled at 90 degrees - do not sit down after washing. It is recommended to wash at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees, can be ironed.
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