Motorcycle glasses "SINNER's BONES"
Motorcycle glasses "SINNER's BONES"
Артикул: SB-MG1801
Цвет: Черный

Our SINNER's BONES brutal glasses with an aggressive design are a real armor and protection for your eyes. They suit for motor-cyclists, bike riders, airsoft players, hunters and so on. The SINNER's BONES glasses are a double sided Anti-Fog coating, a bag for safekeeping, microfiber for cleaning and a light-weight case, a convenient technology for quick lens-changing, a belt for secure fastening and four twin sets of glasses.

See below an additional description of the sets of glasses and their features.


Four twin sets of glasses:

- a neutral grey one: provides determination of a real colour. Perfect for everyday use.

- a brown one: increases contrast. Perfect for strong sunshine.

- a transparent MLC-set: transparent lenses with a special multiple coating. Increases visual acuity while being used at night time.

- a cadmium yellow set: yellow lenses with high contrast. Perfect for low light.

Due to the shockproof anti-scratch lenses made from polycarbonate your eyes will be protected from any kinds of flying objects and a soft foam pad on the frame won`t let any dust or insects get between glasses and your eyes. The polycarbonate lenses protect from dangerous UV radiation – they block up to 99% of it. Shockproof anti-scratch lenses from smoky obscured polycarbonate. A heavy foam coverage used for hermetic state of the glasses won`t let any dust or insects get inside, and its holes will provide ventilation and won`t let the lenses fog up. A scratchproof lens coating. The UV400 filter is maximum protection from UV radiation.