Men's T-Shirt "GATES of PAIN"
Men's T-Shirt "GATES of PAIN"
Артикул: SB-TS1932
Цвет: Бежевый
The t-shirt is made in the style of gloomy surrealism, the design is drawn under the influence of the works of the famous Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński. T-shirt boiled with the effect of artificial aging.
T-shirt with the atmosphere of a post-apocalypse, with the image of a skeleton connected to the pipes and the name "GATES of PAIN". The effect of artificial aging, the original gloomy design and tattered edges give this T-shirt an unforgettable brutal style.
Material: 100% cotton. Application is very high quality and does not feel to the touch. T-shirt boiled at 90 degrees - after washing does not sit down. It is recommended to wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, you can iron.
Zdzisław Beksinsky  is one of the greatest Polish artists over the past few decades, a photographer and sculptor-innovator.

Zdzislav Beksinsky was born on February 24, 1929 in a small town of Sanok in Poland.
There is such a type of artists who, despite the controversial heritage, usually either admire or hate. Zdzislav Beksinsky is clearly from their number. He is rightfully considered to be a genius of gloomy surrealism, which continued the tradition of working with subconscious and hidden sexuality for the creation of its works

He did not give any of his paintings and rarely walked at the exhibition.

Although the creations of Beksinsky often look gloomy, he himself heard a person enjoyable, witty and a little shy. Many of their work artist considered unacceptable and called them quite optimistic and even funny

Until the mid-1980s, the artist was in the period called "fantastic." At this time, he created his most famous creations with disturbing images in a surrealistic and postpocalyptic medium with very detailed scenes of death, decay, distorted figures and deserted landscapes filled with skeletons.

These paintings are characterized by high detail and painted with its branded clarity. At that time, Beksinsky said: "I would like to draw in such a manner, as if these are photographed dreams"

Beksinsky died in his own Warsaw apartment, where he was discovered with seventeen chipped wounds in February 2005. The 19-year-old son of the commandant of the house, in which the artist lived was guilty. The cause of the attack was the refusal of Beksinsky to give money in debt.

Once he said: "It is important that it appears in your soul, and not what you see your eyes"
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