Women's T-Shirt "Finit hic, Deo"
Women's T-Shirt "Finit hic, Deo"
Цвет: Черный
T-shirt with the image of a praying nun. The t-shirt is dedicated to the horror film “The Curse of the Nun” (Eng. The Nun, literally “The Nun”). The name of the t-shirt is “Finit hic, Deo” (lat. No further than God / Where God ends). The t-shirt shows the seal of the demon Valak. The original horrific design gives this T-shirt an unforgettable demonic style. T-shirt for true fans of the film!
Material: 95% cotton and 5% lycra. Application is very high quality and does not feel to the touch. T-shirt boiled at 90 degrees - after washing does not sit down. It is recommended to wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, you can iron

1952, Romania, Saint Map Abbey. Two nuns heading for an ancient relic are attacked by an invisible force. The wounded nun holds out the second key with a request to complete what has been started, after which she is dragged into the doors, behind which, according to the carved inscription in Latin, There is no further God (Latin Finit hic, Deo). The surviving sister Victoria runs away from an evil entity, which soon appears in the form of a demonic nun. Frightened, Victoria hangs herself.

Valak (Volak) - the powerful and great governor of Hell, the 62nd spirit of the treatise "Lemegeton" (also described by I. Viera in "Pseudomonarchia Daemonum").
Appears as a boy with angel wings sitting on a two-headed dragon. He gives true answers about hidden treasures and tells where the snakes that he brings and puts at the disposal of the caster are found (without any coercion). Manages 30 legions of spirits. According to those who saw it, the demon Volak gives true answers to questions regarding hidden treasures. It can report on where the snakes are found, which he, without any order, places at the disposal of the caster, who called him.
There are also allegations that the call of this demon is associated with many difficulties that are not indicated.
The wolf gives the caster a lively, perceptive intellect, arrived through his industriousness, fame, good or bad. A person under his protection can succeed in the field of activity that attracts him. It can be business, military affairs or even illegal activities.
In the film, Valak appears in the image of a nun, A very embittered demon of Hell, his image inspired fear, defiled many churches, feeds on fear, searches for a married believing couple and hunts for the main one in the house (husband).
He doesn’t kill immediately, at first he intimidates his wife, keeps the whole family in fear, and then brings the matter to the point of murder.
Other pronunciations of the name of Valak: Valas, Walak, Valaks / Valakh, Valu, Valik and Volak.